There are many things we as dog owners can do with our dogs. Below are just a few ideas.


We have brought puppies to schools to teach children how to handle them and care for them. Education is important to us and to those receiving our puppies. It is also good to socialize the puppies.


Having a child with disabilities has opened our eyes to the importance of therapy. A simple task to some as walking a dog can be very difficult for others. Such tasks as picking up a leash, pulling a leash, for or just holding a leash is difficult, but because there is a friendly dog attached to the other side.  No matter how difficult the task is the person needing the therapy is smiling. We recommend if you have time and your dog is well trained to look into doing therapy for those who are unable to have a dog. It will be good for them, for your dog and for you.

Therapy Dogs International (TDI)





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