SAMPLE Buyer's Contract

Clearview Shetland Sheepdogs
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13875 319th Ave
Bowdle, SD 57428
Contract of Sale
With Respect to the following Shetland Sheepdog:

Sex: ________ Name: __________ D.O.B ______ AKC Reg ________


Color: _____________
Sire: ________________________
Dam: __________

This Shetland Sheepdog is of ____________Quality(Please see section 9a, 9b,)

The Sellers are the owners of the above Shetland Sheepdog and WHEREAS: - herein referred to as the Buyer, desires to purchase said Shetland Sheepdog from the sellers, it is mutually agreed between the parties that:

1. The purchase price of the said Shetland Sheepdog shall be $____________US(credit card purchase) . All travel expenses for the puppy are the responsibility of the buyer which will be paid to the seller for shipping to the location of the buyer for the amount of $250 US minimum if flown standard. Price is subject to $350 VIP. Cost of crate is an additional $40.00

2. The Sellers warrant said Shetland Sheepdog to be in good health and physical condition at the time of sale; that said Shetland sheepdog has had all appropriate vaccinations and immunizations, as well as necessary worming recommended for its age for Seller’s location

3. In the event that said Shetland Sheepdog is diagnosed with a Genetically hip or eye influenced problem causing it to become unsatisfactory as a pet, as attested to and accompanied by a mutually agreed upon veterinarian report, a replacement will be made to the Buyer as soon as one becomes available within the dogs first year of life. Buyer must have a Vet check within the first 48 hours of arrival for this to be valid. If arriving on a Friday the Buyer has until the following Monday. The Buyer may return the dog to clearview if it is found unsatisfactory within 48 hours. All shipping is paid by the Buyer. Buyer pays for all veterinary expenses once the dog is in their possession.

4a.If the Buyer finds they can not take care of the dog for any reason as time goes on. The Buyer must take every action possible in finding the dog a new home. At no time shall the dog ever be surrendered to a shelter or humane society, unless the buyer and members of the buyers family are deceased.

4b. The buyer purchasing the puppy has no mental/physical/ or depressed health issues that will make raising a puppy difficult for them or for the puppy. Puppies are not trained as therapy dogs.

5. To accompany the puppy once payment is received for the puppy and the shipping will be the following items; a collar, health papers signed by the sellers veterinarian, Microchip, AKC puppy application for registration, booklet containing a Clearview pedigree, information on what to expect at different ages. A blank health report for the buyer to keep tract of shot records as the puppy develops and a photograph of the puppy.

6. The seller promises to send the puppy less than seven days from the date of full payment is made weather permitting. The puppy must be at least 8 weeks of age to fly. Dates of flying depend on weather conditions and Delta Airline Rules.

7. Payment made by credit cards will be shown on statements as a Clearview Shetland Sheepdog Purchase. 

8. “Clearview” shall be in the first part of the dog’s registration name. The buyer may conclude the rest of the dogs name. Clearview will register the puppy in new owners name and assume the fee. 

9a The buyer agrees to have a “pet” quality dog spayed or neutered before the first year of life and return the form in the puppy book signed by the veterinarian. This will appear as a limited registration on the AKC papers. The puppy can still enter events other than Conformation.  If a litter is produced by this dog a fine of $1,000 may be enforced by the seller. 

9b. If the Shetland sheepdog is of “breeding” quality. The buyer has the full rights to the dog and may use it for responsible breeding and showing. 

10. If the puppy is transfered to a new owner before spay/neuter process is complete the owner listed on this contract is still responsible to make sure it is completed and will assume all pentalties if a litter is produced.

11. This contract contains the entire agreement between the parties and no statements, promises or inducements made between the parties that is not contained in this written contract shall be valid of binding’ this contract is not transferable and may not be enlarged, modified or altered except in writing and by the parties endorsed thereon:

Buyer Signature:________________________Date:___________________

Name: __________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________

City: ________________________________State: ________ Zip: ___________

Home Phone: __________________________________ Fax: __________________

Cell Phone: _________________________________________________________

Email: _____________________________________________________________

Possible Airlines___________________________________

Total Due_____________________

Angela Bieber Seller





Please fax the following information to 1-605-285-6302 (we have to be home to answer the fax) This info may be given over the phone as well, but the signature must be signed below when contract is emailed back, mailed back or faxed.
Credit Card Info (please print)

Billing Name (Name that appears on card) ____________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________

City: ___________________ State:_____________ Zip_____________

Home Phone:__________________________ Cell Phone:_____________________

Email:________________________________ Fax:__________________________

Please Circle Type of Card
Visa Master Card Discover AMEX


















Expiration Date _____/____/____________




Last 3 digits on signature panel of card, 4 if using AMEX
Please sign below to authorize the charges shown on the Buyers contract.







How much is a puppy flight?
Flights have been costing between $250-$350, You can fly one or two puppies in a crate for that price.

Who books the puppy flight?
We book the flight and attach the Reference Number and Airwaybill number on the contract so you are able to pick up your puppy.

Is flying hard on the puppies?
Puppies can be stressed from flying. We fly all our dogs with shredded paper, water and food. It may take a day or two for the puppy to adjust to the changes of a new home and from the flying. We feed the puppies in the morning before they fly so they may not eat until the next day.

Are there restrictions when flying?
Flying puppies can be tough to plan depending on the weather.  

Puppies will not fly if;

  1. The temperature is below 10 degrees or hotter than 85 degrees in all locations or stops. 
  2. The flight is full
  3. Connecting flights to destinations must have cargo areas, so large airports are needed.

When do we receive the puppy book and AKC papers?
We are trying to send the puppy books with the puppies, however sometimes the AKC papers or Photos we have made for the books do not arrive in time to do this.  We then send it by mail (so you have to sign for the book) within a couple of weeks of receiving the puppy. We also like to make sure the buyer is happy with the purchase.

How do you accept Payment?
There is an area on the contract that allows for Credit card or paypal.  This is the quickest way to receive your puppy. We do accept cash when arrangement have been made to pick up a puppy or meet the person getting the puppy.

How do we Purchase one of your dogs?
We require a $200 deposit to hold a  certain puppy if it is not of age to leave or you are unable to take the puppy in a few days.  The deposit is nonrefundable. We cannot guarantee you will get the puppy without a deposit to hold the puppy.  It has happened in the past that we have had customers really interested but need to think about the purchase.  While they are thinking another family has  purchased the puppy they wanted.  If the puppy is of age to fly or go to a new homes we require the full amount of the puppy and the puppy flight/crate to be paid before it leaves. 

Does a deposit need to be paid to reserve a puppy in the future?
Unlike other breeders, we wait until the puppies are 6 weeks old or older before selling. We try to have litters in the fall and spring. We want to make sure you see a puppy that interests you.. we will not pick a puppy for you.  It is important to us that you bond with the one you pick. We also allow visits so you can pick one out after the puppies have had their first set of vaccinations.

"We show up clean!"

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